• New materials have the potential to change the world we live in by enabling paradigm shifting new products. Bandgap invests in advanced materials that exploit thermal, electrical, optical, chemical, and mechanical properties to address market needs that can fundamentally change entire industries.
  • Clean technology and the energy industry must work hand in hand to create a sustainable energy ecosystem. Bandgap invests in technologies that make production and consumption of energy more efficient and profitable.
  • As the world become more interconnected, distributed sensing, signal processing, and process control become a critical component of the internet of things. Bandgap invests in smart sensors and other instrumentation that make digitization of information more ubiquitous.
  • “Moore’s Law” governing computing power and miniaturization continually drives new market opportunities. Bandgap invests in components and devices, computer systems and peripherals, mobile and machine-to-machine communications, and hardware technologies for consumers and businesses.
  • Businesses constantly strive to reduce manufacturing costs and gain efficiencies, which drives new innovations that can leapfrog industry incumbents. Bandgap funds 3D printing and printed electronics, roll-to-roll mass production, and nano-scale manufacturing technologies, which enable products that were not possible using traditional manufacturing techniques.