Bandgap Ventures (“Bandgap”) is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage science and engineering companies within verticals such as advanced materials, chemicals, energy technologies (renewable/non-renewable), advanced manufacturing, sensors, and instrumentation. Bandgap specifically targets companies with tangible patented technologies based on ground breaking innovations in the fundamental “hard sciences”.

Bandgap exploits the current imbalance in the venture capital industry that is heavily skewed towards software/internet companies, which has led to an investment environment that artificially overvalues software companies while undervaluing hard science companies. Bandgap is qualified to take advantage of this market imbalance because of its team’s:

  1. Operational experience as entrepreneurs of hard science companies
  2. Relevant and deep PhD level technology expertise
  3. Venture capital investing experience unique to complex science and engineering driven businesses
  4. Extensive domain specific professional networks and co-investment partners.

Bandgap Ventures is located in Austin, TX, the epicenter of the Texas start up ecosystem. We work with universities, incubators/accelerators, local investment groups, and governmental agencies to help foster and grow the entrepreneurial community here locally. Although we do not limit our investments only to Texas companies, we feel that Texas is home to a unique combination of creative innovation, educational attainment, and flourishing industry, creating a perfect environment for start up companies to take root and grow. We want to be there to help make it happen.