Bandgap has implemented a venture scholars program to recruit exceptional college graduate students majoring in engineering, physical sciences, law, or business to work as interns for the firm. These students help supplement the Bandgap Team by helping with technology and market research. Depending on background, they also have the opportunity to work on specific projects for portfolio companies and be an additional set of eyes and ears for Bandgap as the firm assesses its portfolio companies.

The students are currently recruited from the University of Texas at Austin from programs such as Texas Venture Labs, which combines science and engineering students with business and law school students to work with actual start-up companies. Bandgap has primarily recruited PhD level candidates from departments such as chemical engineering, material science, and biomechanics. These students are well suited for the Bandgap Venture Scholars program because of the basic venture formation training they receive in their classes and exposure to real world start-up situations, as well as their ability to conduct deep technology due diligence utilizing their PhD level backgrounds. This program enables Bandgap to leverage highly intelligent top level graduates students with an internship that is a win-win situation for both sides.